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Gotham Studios provides full creative, production and post-production services for commercial, corporate and political clients in local and national markets for TV, social media and radio.  We offer end-to-end services from concept through delivery, as well as à-la-carte services as part of a larger team.  Deliverables include 30-second spots, to promo-length spots (5-15 seconds), to mini-documentaries. 

Services include:

  • Pre-production: Conceptualization, branding, logo design, message strategy, script writing, casting, location scouting, set design, small and large-scale shoot planning

  • Production: Shoot in HD/4K, single or multiple-camera shoots, event coverage, b-roll, drone shoots, studio/field/home shoots, green-screen, dolly/gimbal shots, special effects

  • Post-production:  editing, graphics, 2D/3D animation, professional voiceover, stock/custom music, special effects, radio cuts, multiple versions and lengths


Determining message, planning, writing

Initial consult
Discuss scope, budget, messaging, schedule
Creative development
Scripting, conceptualization, story boarding, branding development
Shoot planning, scheduling, client meetings.
Graphic design
Logos, templates, animated transitions
Location scouting
Houses, suburbs, city views, landscapes...
Principals, extras, crowds, diversity


Standard package:  Cameras, rigs, lighting, audio kit and professional camera operator, in high def 1080p or 4K (10 hours portal to portal with 1 hour meal break).

Responsible for crew, cast, and execution of script and shots in the service of the message.
Camera & Audio
Camera Operator; Audio Technician; Complete 4K Camera Package; Basic Audio Kit; Basic Light Kit; All necessary cables, connectors, monitor, batteries, tripod etc for a full day
$3000-4000/day, depending on market
Responsible for all lighting design and equipment. Helps set up all equipment.
$900-1200/day, depending on market
Production Assistant
All-purpose personnel, assisting crew and producers.
$400-700/day, depending on market
Teleprompter and Operator
Operator and dual computer system with accessories
$1000-1400/day, depending on market
Makeup artist
With full hair and makeup kit
$800-$1400/day, depending on market
Drone and Operator
Licensed drone pilot
$2000-3000/day, depending on market
On-Screen Talent (volunteer)
Client may provide volunteers to be onscreen. If not, talent will be hired (actors, models, extras).
On-Screen Talent (union)
If client is a SAG-AFTRA signatory. Actors, models, extras.
Per SAG/AFTRA contract
On-Screen Talent (non-union)
Actors, models, extras.
Principal: $1000/day, Extras: $200/day
Live camera feed
Anyone on client team can view remotely.
Extra equipment
As needed: Camera dollies, jibs, tracks, gimbels, smoke machines, specialty cameras e.g. GoPros, lighting for large spaces/nighttime
At cost
Production studio
For controlled shots, pure backgrounds, green screen
Depends on size, capability and location
Travel & reimbursables
Travel/hotel/parking, props, hard drives, shipping, location fees
At cost


Client receives 3 reviews at rates below.  Additional reviews at 150% of rates.

Includes video editing, color grading, overlaying transitions, titles, photos and graphics; audio sweetening and mixing.
Graphics - standard
2D animations, custom lower-thirds, custom transitions, motion titles, text animation, call-to-action animation, motion tracking, time remapping, masking, rotoscoping
Graphics - complex
Character animation, 3D motion graphics, 3D virtual set, or other special effects
Price depends on scope
Professionally recorded voice overs from selection of voiceover talents.
$200 casting, $1000 talent & recording
Stock photos
People, locations, diversity
$50 each
Stock footage
People, locations, diversity
Stock music
Universal Production Library
Original music
Original composition to match mood, cues, pacing. Pricing for 30-second spot.


Every spot is different and will match your needs, messaging and budget.


In general, a 30-second spot with a single-day shoot, showing candidate speaking to camera with some b-roll, plus simple customized animated graphics, will run $20K-$40. 


A more involved production, including multiple shoot days, more b-roll including rallies, crowds, drone shots, extras casting, locations with fees and props, more complex graphics, or multiple versions, will be in the $40-$75K range. 


We’re happy to discuss your needs and see how we can realize your vision.  

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